The changing face of adoption sees families created.

By June 22, 2004

USA (MNN)–The face of adoption has changed since 1965. For one thing, attitudes toward adoption have changed greatly in recent years.

Adoption Associates International’s Dick Van Deelen says nearly forty years ago, infant adoptions were still closed and international transracial adoption was a new concept–not to mention limited.

Van Deelen says in the sixties, international adoptions were mainly from Korea, and special needs were unheard of. But that’s changed along with the global politics of the day. “Unbelievably, China and Russia have become the two major producing countries in the world today. If we went back, no one would have believed that those countries would have opened up to placing children in this country. I think we’re going to see the continued growth of international, and just hope and pray that people will eventually understand what a winning solution it is.”

Further, Van Deelen says the new trend is moving so strongly toward international adoption, it may have impact on domestic adoptions.

In response, AAI will continue to ‘make the case’ for adoption with pregnant women. That creates a need for the development of services that sees the birth parents through pre and post natal periods.

Although he retires next month, Van Deelen says he will continue to work with the ministry he has championed. “It’s a passion with me. I see adoption as a winning solution for all of the parties, really, also based on the pattern of Scripture. All of us are God’s children by adoption, and so that pattern is really at the basis of my motivation and commitment to the field of adoption.”

Ready to take up the standard, Jane Bareman, who steps into the Executive Director’s shoes July 15th. She will be taking the vision forward, and AAI’s future has never been brighter. Says Van Deelen, “I am confident that Jane will continue our commitment to accomplishing as many adoptions possible in a Christ like and professional

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