Virtual Prayer walkers gear up for Europe

By October 22, 2008

Europe (MNN) — Europe's population is huge. While many believe it has been predominately reached with the Gospel, that couldn't be further from the truth. People there can live a lifetime without coming into contact with someone who has been transformed by Christ's love.

Knowing this, Greater Europe Mission is calling Christians from around the world to participate in the Day of Prayer for Europe.

This virtual prayer walk begins tomorrow (October 23), says GEM's President Henry Deneen. "We have directed people to our Web site,, where they will be directed to an interactive prayer map for all of Europe, North Africa and Turkey. They can click on any country, see pictures, [and] read specific prayer requests."

Deneen says many people around the world believe Europe is already Christian. "Even in the traditional places of London, Paris and Amsterdam, with the rise of Islam and the secularism that's so pervasive, many people are now saying that Europe, down through the Central Asian countries, is going to be called the 40-70 Window with a place of real missions emphasis."

The population of the entire region is about a billion people. Deneen says, "Most say that somewhere between one and two percent are followers of Jesus."

He says the region is quickly becoming Islamized. That's, in part, why they're holding this virtual prayer walk. "We're not enemies of Islam. We love Muslims, and we want to see Muslims experience the peace, love and joy of Christ. But when you see Sharia law now being recognized in parts of the UK, the reality of Islam is really crystallized."

Deneen says the Day of Prayer for Europe has taken on a life of its own. "People in the U.S. are keyed into it, and Canada, of course in Europe: prayer networks; this thing has gotten on Facebook in several different ways; people are having folks in their homes." While they were hoping for 10,000 prayer participants, it'll likely be many more.

The virtual prayer map will be loaded to today (October 22).

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