Volunteers prove to be the life blood behind Bible projects around the world.

By August 18, 2006

Philippines (MNN)–Bible League volunteers in the U-S raised funds for two Bibles projects.

Every time they approach this project, they choose a two-year fundraising focus. Divisions across the U-S then raise funds to send Bibles to this chosen country.

Fundraisers include events such as golf outings, talent nights, concerts, and bake sales. One event is the Bible League Volunteers retreat, held regionally throughout the U-S. Participants enjoy hearing guest speakers and great music, while learning more about their focus area.

At the close of this month, teams will have sent nearly 250,000 Bibles to the Philippines, and thousands more to Mexico.

It’s all part of intentionally linking evangelism and discipleship. The Bible League trains people to study the Bible and share it with others, a proven model of ministry that is reaping results.

As new believers study side-by-side with local Christians, their understanding of Scripture increases, their relationships with local churches deepen, and their new faith is fed by fellowship with other church members.

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