While the world ignores earthquake torn Indonesia, Christians reach out

By June 7, 2006

Indonesia (MNN) — It’s been nearly 10 days since the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Indonesia, killing more than 6,200 people and leaving more than 500,000 homeless. Unfortunately, Global Aid Network’s (GAIN-USA), Charles Debter says, “The issue is here that national and world news has not covered this particular disaster, even though it has been a terrible natural calamity.”

GAiN has a medical team from Singapore and Manila on the ground. Debter says, “There’s still a huge number of people who are without homes. They need tents, food, water, medications, almost everything because they lost it all in the earthquake.”

They’re working with Christians on the ground in the region and Debter says their working selflessly. “Those 20 staff and students also are victims of the earthquake. Their houses were absolutely shattered. But, still they minister to others. They have the manpower, but they lack the money.”

According to Debeter, funding is needed so they can purchase supplies and any amount will do. “That $20, $10 even will go such a long way in leveraging the purchase of materials that can be provided for a situation like this. And, it’s a team effort.”

GAIN-USA has a need for $50,000 for their initial response.

Your contribution will do more than purchase physical aid, says Debter, even though Indonesia is a non-Christian country. “The believers are able to reach out and show the truth of Christ in their actions as well as in their words. And, that is really our heart — not just to provide material aid, but to provide the truth that will transform a life for all eternity.”

You can give safely and securely on-line at www.gainusa.org or calling 1-800-778-7806.

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