Wife of slain missionary leaving India

By July 19, 2004

India (MNN) — The wife of a slain missionary in India is leaving the mission field. Some reports indicate Gladys Staines is leaving temporarily to accompany her daughter Esther to medical school in their home country of Australia.

Whatever the case, the commitment to the region the Staines family had, proved to have a profound spiritual impact on the state of Orissa and around the world.

David DeGroot of Mission India is in India and was in Orissa when the announcement was made. He explains what the martyrdom of Graham Staines meant to the region. “He was instrumental in starting 21 churches. The local people that are just inspired by him are just going to town. We talked to people right around where Graham Staines was killed, we talked to six of our church planting students, between them, they have planted close to 30 little churches,” says DeGroot.

DeGroot says many Christians say God has used the situation for His good. “In fact, they says this, as a result of the murder and the subsequent persecution, actually things have expanded as far as the Gospel goes.”

One of Mission India’s church planting students was the star witness in the Staines murder. Because of his character, he’s now considered a respected leader in his community. DeGroot says this has given him great opportunities for ministry. “They absolutely know he’s a Christian. And, even the Hindus are coming to him now for counseling.”

Prayer is need for this man as death threats also accompanied his testimony. But, DeGroot says this hasn’t stopped his ministry. He’s currently supervising seven churches, including Graham Staines home church.

Mission India needs financial support to help support even more ministry. DeGroot says a little bit of investment is going a long way to reach the lost for Christ.

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