Will a regime change in North Korea open ministry doors?

By March 11, 2005

Korea (MNN)–There’s growing pressure on North Korea for a new regime. The issue came to a head on February 10, when North Korea declared it had nuclear weapons and dropped out of talks aimed at ending its nuclear ambitions.

International cooperation may help steer the negotiations into a safer territory. However, strong international statements over the need for democracy and an end to the dictatorship fueled rumors of a coming shift in government.

North Korea’s isolationism has long earned it the reputation of being a closed country among mission groups, too. OMS International’s President, David Long agrees that ministry opportunities are very limited.

However, they do have an outreach to North Korean refugees who are living in South Korea. “If we can train and equip those North Korean refugees and if they have a passion for reaching their families in the north, those folks are going to be tremendous evangelists.”

With regard to the possibility of a new regime, Long says everyone is looking to see how God is going to work in North Korea. “I don’t think for anyone, whether it’s the church or the political institutions, [that] it is clear, at this point, how and when North Korea is going to open. But, we’re confident that, at some point, the Lord is going to open those doors of opportunity much wider than they are today.”

As it stands, their work in South Korea is vibrant. The Korea Evangelical Holiness Church is the largest OMS-related church. It is also the largest denomination in Asia planted by a faith mission (1,939 organized churches and 775,767 members).

Sixteen Every Creature Crusade teams are reaching out to many with the Gospel. Pray for new team members in training to start new congregations, that each team member will daily seek the leading and presence of the Holy Spirit.

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