Will May 15 elections save Lebanon?

By April 18, 2022

Lebanon (MNN) — Deepening discontent in Lebanon casts a shadow over upcoming elections. In a recent survey, only 50-percent of Lebanese said they were likely to vote.

“Many people are not going (to the polls to vote), and it’s a shame,” Nuna of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says.

“We have a civil duty to choose our leaders. Otherwise, the people we don’t want will be in power.”

The global community views May 15 elections as a catalyst for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank loans. These loans are Lebanon’s only option to save a crumbling infrastructure and financial sector.

Lebanon is in a record-breaking economic depression, which began with the meltdown of its financial system in 2019. The collapse, which drove three-quarters of Lebanese into poverty and sunk the currency by 90-percent, resulted from decades of financial mismanagement and corruption by sectarian leaders.

Gospel workers prepare to help queues of Lebanese needing relief aid.
(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

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Hope remains in Lebanon

Politics in Lebanon are based on a complicated structure that, theoretically, balances power among several religious communities. Elections typically provide a chance to start over with different leaders at the helm, but corruption corrodes the process.

“The Sunnis, for example, lost their leader, and none of the Sunnis will be represented [on the ballot]. So now the Sunni people don’t want to elect anyone,” Nuna says.

“Others, like the Christians, say there’s no need to do this (elections) because the same people will be re-elected.”

In a downcast society, believers share their reason for hope. “God is still in control. We are not alone; He is there for us, and He can fight for us. We bring that perspective to people, and it encourages them,” Nuna says.

“We are making a small difference, and I know God gave us this area of influence. But, the big mass of people (the wider public) doesn’t have hope for a future.”

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