Workshop gives women freedom to speak and to learn

By January 18, 2024
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India (MNN) — A new workshop launched in India gives women the space they need to speak and engage more deeply in biblical training.

Ed Weaver with Spoken Worldwide says, “In many countries, whether it’s India or in the Middle East, there are cultural issues [where] men may see women as their servants, their slaves. They’re not given educational opportunities. Their voice isn’t welcomed.”

In many of the oral cultures that Spoken Worldwide reaches, women feel pressured to remain silent when in mixed company. This can carry over to Christian communities as well. Instead, Spoken Worldwide is inviting women to purposeful workshops.

“We are creating workshops for women only, training them in biblical principles using stories, songs, dramas, just like we do in our other programs. But this is specifically focused so that women have the opportunity to speak up,” Weaver says.

“They’re able to ask questions, they’re able to get greater clarity on things of the Bible. They blossom.”

(Photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide)

One workshop leader shared this further testimony: “I can see how much it impacted [the women] as they were able to understand God’s truth through the Bible stories we shared. Many of the women also shared their personal struggles and how hearing God’s truth has given them hope. I’m happy to see the enthusiasm in the women as their confidence level was built up, and how joyous to see each woman answer the questions in the group discussions.”

Spoken Worldwide intends to take this model for biblical training for women to other countries. You can help them by praying.

“I would ask for prayer for our eyes to be opened, that we’ll be encouraged by the fruit that we see and use that encouragement to generate more focus around lifting up women around the world,” Weaver says.

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Header photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide.

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