World Bible Translation Center is excited about the future, especially with God’s Word impacting the Muslim world.

By February 20, 2006

International (MNN) — Even with heightened tensions in the Muslim world, God is at work. The World Bible Translation Center’s Gary Bishop says God is doing some great things through His Word and His people.

Dignitaries from more than 160 countries, including many from Muslim nations, attended the 54th annual National Prayer Breakfast held in Washington, DC the first Thursday in February. Hosted by congressional leaders of the US government, the prayer breakfast is a time when people from various religions and countries come together in peace and goodwill.

Bishop says it’s through opportunities like this that God opens doors, “With the unrest in our world today, with the terrorist fears that are so prevalent throughout our world, to know that God is orchestrating peace and movement of Christians into that Islamic world through things like the prayer breakfast is an exciting thing.”

The World Bible Translation has available an Arabic New Testament on CD. It’s an important resource for people in the Muslim world, Bishop says, because, “So often in the Islamic world it’s still very, very hazardous to be seen carrying what we would know as a traditional Bible around. And in that, we decided to try to address that by making Arabic Scripture available to them on CD.”

Bishop is thrilled to see God actively at work. As they continue to provide the Easy to Read translations for believers and others in Islamic regions, God’s Word is impacting lives and Bishop is encouraged to see glimpses of that, “Within the Islamic world, whether it be Pakistan or whether it be Jordan or other places, there is just a strong movement of God and we feel particularly privileged to join God in what He’s doing by making Arabic Scripture available.”

Your prayer and financial support is crucial to the World Bible Translation Center’s ongoing ministry to reach not only the Islamic regions but also the whole world with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus.

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