The International Day for the Unreached is June 5

By May 11, 2022

Myanmar (MNN) — Who are the unreached?

In Myanmar, many people live in dense jungles or remote mountains, largely cut off from the outside world. Most of the population identifies as Buddhist and has not heard the story of Jesus.

Greg Kelley with World Mission says, “They won’t pass a church during their commute. And they’ve never met a Christian. There’s no missionary, no pastors making them a priority, trying to take the good news there. There’s no access to the Gospel message.”

After the military seized power from Myanmar’s elected government in early 2021, they began attacking civilians. World Mission is caring for about 200 families who have been displaced from their homes. They have provided food, shelter, and the Gospel.

A Third of Us

But what about everybody else? Kelley says, “I think we need to go to all of our churches and talk to those influencers that are on missions committees. Or maybe if we have a missions pastor, we need to talk to them and make sure that we have advocacy for the third of the world that don’t have access to the Gospel.”

Did you know that a third of the world’s population is unreached?  Join groups like World Mission on the International Day For the Unreached, Pentecost Sunday, June 5.  You can find more ways to pray, get involved or just learn more about the prayer movement.

Pray many people would embrace Jesus in Myanmar and in other unreached areas of the world. Kelley says, “Who wants to go into a place where, a year ago, the military took over the country in a coup? I mean, it’s not a place we can really get into. So we need to align and partner with organizations like World Mission and many others who have expressions in those areas.”

“Because the fact that we can’t go there, or maybe don’t hear stories about it doesn’t take us off the hook.”



Header photo courtesy of A Third of Us on Facebook.