World Vision readies itself to enter Sudan’s sorrow.

By June 30, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–World Vision International this week got approval to enter western Sudan, coinciding neatly with Secretary of State Colin Powell’s visit.

Both events will likely bring attention back to the government-sanctioned ethnic cleansing in Sudan. Thousands of refugees fled the country for the safety of Chad’s borders.

It is from here, that the Christian relief agency has been addressing the growing humanitarian crisis. World Vision’s Karen Homer, speaking from a refugee camp. “We’re planning to distribute over two-thousand metric tons of food to about 26-thosuand people in the northern region. These are people who are basically living under thorn bushes in the open. 80-percent of the people in the camps here are women and children who are very vulnerable.”

Homer says ministry is a hands-on experience in the camps. “We share the love of Christ by bringing a cup of cold water in the 115-degree heat here. I think people know that we are a Christian organization and that’s one of the key ways is to be the hands and feet of Christ here in this very desperate place.”

And that’s just the picture from Chad. Moving into the Darfur region presents a whole different set of logistical challenges.

The region WVI has clearance into is the size of France, pitted with poor roads. That’s likely to present another obstacle with the advent of the rainy season. Impassible roads will make it even more difficult to get supplies into the area, never mind the personnel.

World Vision has accorded the emergency in Darfur Category III status, the highest on the agency’s scale of humanitarian need. Senior relief personnel from around the world are being recalled to the region to activate the agency’s relief response.

Continue to pray for the teams as they muster their response in this time of need. Pray that their actions will pave the way to new ministry with the hope of the Gospel.

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