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Published on 20 October, 2005

Consistent radio outreach in Haiti presents an usual challenge.

Haiti (MNN)–The island nation of Haiti is characterized by a daily struggle with human and spiritual poverty for seven million people.

That’s where the Gospel presents a shining hope. The laymen’s voice of OMS International, Men For Missions’ Bill Evans says they’re responding to a need created by a healthy radio outreach in Haiti. OMS International began outreach there 1958. Radio 4VEH (The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti) offers Christian programming in French and Creole and English to an estimated audience of 300,000.

From that work came the need for discipleship. Evans explains, “Those Haitians who feel as though the Lord would call them to pastoral ministry or continuing education, we hook them up with the seminary. So, we’ve seen our enrollment continue to grow, and now is in a challenging position of needing to grow, physically.”

MFM is asking people to pray for Dr. Bill Cooper, who heads the seminary. There are more needs to accompany the growth. “He’s always looking for more professors who are wiling to give of their time to serve in Haiti teaching some of the classes, and for our missionaries, as they host the team that’s going to come in and build this seminary.”

Aside from the seminary, there is the Bethesda Medical and Dental Center and Cowman International School.

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  • Primary Language: French
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 16.0%
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