IDOP event to call Christians to action for the Great Commission

By October 20, 2005

USA (MNN) — November 13, 2005 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. This year Mission Network News will be airing a special broadcast featuring Brother Andrew of Open Doors , Voice of the Martyrs, Gospel for Asia and others as we highlight the plight of believers in countries who are facing physical harm every time they leave their homes.

Brother Andrew, in an exclusive interview with Mission Network News, says IDOP can be the starting point of a stirring of the missions spirit in your heart. “In the day of prayer, Greg, I’m convinced that many people pray sincerely that God will speak to many and say, ‘how about answering your own prayer?’ If you pray for more missionaries, God says, ‘why don’t you go?’ You pray for relief and funds, God says, ‘Why don’t you give?’ So, that is one of the direct results of the day of prayer.

This is something that’s desperately needed, says Andrew, especially since Christians failed to reach out with the Gospel during that time. “Instead it was a big boost for Islam even in America. The income of most of the missions working in the Muslim countries dropped after 9-11. Secondly, I heard thousands of American become Muslims after 9-11.”

Brother Andrew says IDOP shouldn’t be a one day event. “Join us on the Day of Pray, but hopefully not just on that one day and then think, ‘Well, we doing have to (pray).’ It leads to a deep unity with all those who suffer because they’re part of the body.”

Contact your local radio station to find out when they’ll be airing the IDOP event.

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