A Christian micro-credit agency launches a beachhead program in Senegal.

By October 12, 2005

Senegal (MNN)–Senegal is a beachhead for FARMS International. The agency has not yet had much presence in Africa. However, that is about to change. There are plans in the works to establish projects in Rwanda, Niger and Senegal.

FARM’s Nathan McLaughlin says the Senegal micro-credit program is up and running. Once a business starts through the loans, extra money goes to support the church. It’s a success story with a bright future.

McLaughlin says their team is excited, “…because the churches are making good inroads and witnessing to a large Sunni Muslim population there–even some outreach to the tribal areas of Senegal.”

There’s more to the story. Once a businessman gets a loan, he can get started on his own business. The stipulation is that he also tithes to his local church to support the pastor, hence freeing him up to do more outreach.

“With the self-supporting aspect that FARMS really promotes,” he explains, “they’re going to be able to reach out to their own Senegalese brothers.”

Pray for the Senegalese Christian community. It’s not so much prayer for protection from the ravages of war…more that they maintain their vision.

Believers make up less than five-percent of the population in Senegal, but, McLaughlin says, the church has a lot of strength. “Senegal is a fairly stable place in Africa. I think it’s important that we, as Christians, pray for the Christians in these areas. I think these areas will be the places that Christians will reach out as missionaries going out into Africa.”

Today’s rapid church growth among the poor elevates the urgency for believers to respond. Scripture states the responsibility of the church is to help poor believers. FARMS offers that opportunity to respond to the need.

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