Hopegivers/Voice of the Martyrs working together in earthquake zone

By October 12, 2005

India (MNN) — Christians continue to reach out in Christian love in an area that has been antagonistic to believers over the years. Dr. Samuel Thomas, President of Hopegivers International, plans to work with their program partner Voice of the Martyrs to send emergency aid to earthquake victims along the India, Pakistan and Afghanistan border.

A Hopegivers Emergency Grant is being sent immediately to buy antibiotics, blankets, medicine and tents on the local market for distribution and use by indigenous Pakistani believers in relief work.

Although the earthquake shook nearby Hopergivers International schools and orphanages on the Indian side of the border, so far all Hopegivers orphans and staff appear to be unharmed.

“As always,” Thomas says, “Hopegivers is ready to take in orphans and abandoned children who come to us on the Indian side of the border. Whole villages have collapsed in Jammu-Kashmir and other areas where Hopegivers outreach teams work regularly.”

Meanwhile, on the Pakistan side of the border, many more villages were wiped out, schools were destroyed and hundreds, possibly thousands are still trapped beneath the rubble of destroyed buildings. Officials are scrambling to deal with what some have already called “the worst disaster in the history of Pakistan.”

Thomas says, “We will provide any and every kind of support we can to our Pakistani brothers in their time of need.” It’s all being done in the name of Jesus.

Pakistan, the hardest hit of the three nations affected by this earthquake, has long been a concern for Hopegivers International outreach and Dr. Samuel Thomas had already scheduled an exploratory trip there for this fall. He says, “Now, more than ever we feel that God is calling us to be more involved in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

The Hopegivers Disaster Relief fund is taking donations online at www.Hopegivers.com or toll-free by phone during office hours, 866-373-4673.

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