Hundreds missing in Guatemala considered dead as rescue effort ends–believers reach out.

By October 12, 2005

Guatemala (MNN)–1400 people missing in Guatemala in the wake of horrific mudslides are considered dead. Search and rescue operations are wrapping up after Tropical Storm Stan caused the mountainsides to crumble.

Aid is slow in coming, despite emergency supplies being flown in by the Guatemalan government and relief from the United States, Spain and other countries.

Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says they’ve contacted their partners in the hardest hit region. John and Sharon Harvey founded the Association for Equipping the Saints International.

The news wasn’t good. “They have a Bible school and a medical clinic up in the mountains. They have about 300 students. Two of their churches they know have been obliterated. One of them had just been dedicated a couple of months ago. They’ve been unable to reach a number of their pastors.”

Many of the students have family in the destroyed valley. Rescue efforts are bypassing whole villages buried under the mud. Hawkins says many of these students and church leaders lost their study materials along with everything else.

While they’re not a humanitarian aid agency, Hawkins says they want to help. The study materials the students lost are precious.

Hawkins says the Bible Pathway is like their ‘Bible survey’ course. “We would like to send a Spanish Bible and an ‘El Camino Biblico’ to as many of the pastors and Bible school students as possible. We can do that for 15-dollars each, and that’ll include the shipping.”

If you want to help replace lost materials, go to:

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