A mission group in India awaits a court’s decision for future work.

By April 26, 2006

India (MNN)–Not much has changed in the Rajasthan local courts regarding Hopegivers International’s ministries.
Ministry President, Samuel Thomas’ case stalled in the lower courts. It could be an attempt to keep power in the lower courts.

Hopegivers’ Michael Glenn updated with, “Dr. Sam had a hearing; it was delayed and the news we got is it’s being delayed 10 days, but we’re not really sure, and trying to get accurate information on that.”

At the same time, Glenn says there’s another decision related to their registration that’s being decided in the courts today.

They’re urging prayer over a favorable outcome. It’s pivotal because: “This is the license to operate the orphanage and the hospital and the school and the seminary and so on and also, they’ve frozen our bank accounts.”

With frozen assets, ministry gets really complicated. Glenn says, “It makes it very difficult to get things done–buy the food, and the propane gas for the cooking and keep things stocked for the hospital. We’re waiting to get a decision to free that up.”

However, since the decision to freeze accounts went public, thousands of Christians, and community members began sending money and supplies. With the support, HGI has not had to close any of their schools or orphanages. Pray for continued ministry, and for a favorable court decision in their cases.

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