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Published on 19 July, 2010

AIM fishing competition catches men and fish

Africa (MNN) — Not far from Kenya, where Africa Inland
first began their work over 100 years ago, a fishing
competition was recently held for the island communities of Lake Victoria. However, they caught a
little bit more than fish.

In both Matthew and Mark, the account of Jesus calling
Peter and Andrew is recorded. He instructs them: "Come,
follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." 

As AIM held their "Fisherman, Tough Guy,
Strongman" competition, they too became fishers of men. Throughout the
three-day event, they also used it as a time of outreach.

Even though the winner of the competition won a new Yamaha
boat motor, there was more than just one winner, as 31 competitors accepted
Christ as their Savior, taking home the "eternal prize."

Pray for God to stir and bring conviction to those who didn't place their trust in  Him.  Pray that the love of God will emanate throughout
all of AIM ministry.

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