An Indian Bible School gets ready for graduation.

By November 6, 2003

India (MNN)–25 years after its inception, ‘Hope Givers International’s’ Bible school in northern India is ready to graduate one of its largest classes in February.

The school has come a long way in a quarter century. At its inaugural graduation, there were three students. In 2003, Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says their sister ministry is launching two-thousand new pastors into the field. “We are sending each one of these graduates a brand new “Best of Bible Pathway”, the King James Version that was just published recently, as one of their graduation gifts. It’s basically going to be their library, that, and a Bible, will be all that they go out with. That, and the clothes on their back–that’s pretty much it.”
Hawkins says from the past graduates, Bible Pathway Ministries says they’ve seen six thousand churches begin and grow. One of the largest challenges to ministry, though, is the poverty that maintains a stranglehold on the country. That makes it hard for church leaders to get a hold of materials.

Hawkins says this brings to light another significant part of this project. Bible Pathway sent out the shipment of Bible Pathways, and the rest was a God-thing. “We originally were told that it was going to be there December 4, in Dehli. But, we now find out that it’s going to be there Christmas Day, and we found that that was very significant, that the good news will be arriving there and it will be given out to these men who are going to go out and plant churches and teach others the story of Christmas.”

Please pray that the church leaders will stay strong in their faith even as persecution and oppression continue throughout India.

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