Anti-conversion bill in Bangladesh could hurt outreach

By April 30, 2004

Bangladesh (MNN) — A national strike has crippled Bangladesh, a predominately Muslim nation. The nation-wide strike is aimed at forcing early elections. Opposition leaders are accusing the Khaleda Zia’s government of being inefficient and corrupt. The economy is in a tailspin.

While Christians are concerned about the strike, they’re equally concerned about a proposed anti-conversion bill. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannan says the bill is similar to those that are passing in India. “If this present government continues with their agenda and bring about this anti-conversion bill, surely Gospel for Asia along with any other group, will have a difficult time. We’re praying that God will intervene with this situation,” says Yohannan.

Yohannan says while the bill hasn’t passed yet, the climate has had an impact on their work. He says, “We have seen increased persecution. Quite a few of our brothers have been beaten and abused and one was kidnapped, although he’s serving God elsewhere in the country. Never-the-less as we pray and cry out to God I believe we will see more people come to know the Lord.”

Yohannan says they have numbers to back up those claims. “We have 75 strong missionaries in the country and two Bible colleges. By the grace of God we have seen 42 new churches planted in the last 12 months,” says Yohannan.

Gospel for Asia needs Bibles and other Christian literature to help equip new believers. Yohannan is also asking people to pray that GFA can expand their radio program into Bangladesh.

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