Believers breathe a sigh of relief as Israel and Lebanon work toward holding ceasefire.

By August 15, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–A fragile Lebanon ceasefire has taken hold with many already questioning stability in its first 48 hours.

Christian satellite ministry SAT-7’s Naji Daoud says their staff adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude, but is quietly optimistic. “We really need this ceasefire to sustain. That’s mainly what we are praying for now.”

The post-war damage echoes throughout the ruined country, resurrecting memories of a civil war not long past. Starting over…again. Daoud urges, “We want people to pray for the hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to go back to their homes. Tens of thousands of them don’t even have homes.”

As the airstrikes pounded other parts of Lebanon, the team worked to carry on broadcasting a live current affairs program each week, on Thursday evenings at 8:30 pm local time, if conditions allowed.

Daoud says their staff remained committed in order to tell the story from a ministry aspect. “We have been able to show the Arab world what has been happening from within Lebanon. We’re not a political station, we don’t talk politics on our station, we only show the humanitarian side or effect of what’s happening in the country. We believe that SAT-7 is supporting the Christian community.”

One recent television guest, Rev. Joseph Najm summed it up this way: “These are very difficult times and we need to remember that in God’s Word we are warned that we would face difficulties. But in times like this our faith can be our fortress. We need to remember the heroes of faith like Joseph, Daniel and Job. Their stories are in the Bible to strengthen and encourage us.”

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