Believers in Pakistan celebrate a ‘Golden Age’.

By August 1, 2005

Pakistan (MNN)–Pakistani Christians face persecution under Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law.

The law is frequently applied abitrarily, as supported by evidence of growing cases of false accusation against Christians and others.

Over the past few months, published reports have been cited as documentation for the number of innocent people who have been falsely accused. Minority communities have also suffered violence.

However, there is another story emerging. Strategic World Impact’s Kevin Turner says the flip side of the story is that some Christians are apparently thriving under President Pervez Musharraf’s administration.

In fact, the believers Turner quotes are calling it the ‘Golden Age’ of the church. Emboldened by their freedom, Turner says people are reaching out, although not without risk. “Of course you have Taliban fighters, you have a lot of radical Islamic fronts protesting in Pakistan. What often doesn’t hit the news is that these groups then take out their anger and frustrations on Pakistani Christians.”

However, that won’t stop the advance of the Gospel. Turner says they’ve found a way to minister despite the radical element. “We have just finished our school for 250 children. We are a Christian school, and so the people are getting a chance to hear the Gospel. We’re educating Christians, Muslims and Hindus together so that we can break down some of these barriers of prejudice.”

Pray, as the situation for believers can be precarious. Ask God to give them wisdom. For those who have suffered or lost loved ones, ask God to comfort them.

If you’d like to help, go to Strategic World Impact’s website by following the highlighted link above.

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