Believers look to replenish stores in Haiti during a downtime.

By November 24, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–For Haiti with Love is looking to replenish its stores following the hurricanes and unrest that taxed resources.

They will soon place another order for black beans, bandages and tape. Buying, transporting and getting the beans to the headquarters is a little over $10,000 (USD) for 43,000 pounds. Since not many can write a $10,000 check, think in terms of less than $25 for 100 pounds of split black beans and $28.00 for 110 pound bag of rice (purchased with US dollars in Haiti).

King Benevolent has been very generous in donating the Silvadene Cream to keep the burn clinic open-but there has been no donor for the other needed medical supplies.

Added trouble comes in getting the supplies to Haiti and their clinic in Cap Haitien. The team will be raising funds in order to purchase needed supplies and send the cargo. From the burn clinic to the feeding programs, it’s all done in the name of Christ, with the hope meeting spiritual needs.

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