Believers team up to respond to volcano eruption in Ecuador.

By July 19, 2006

Ecuador (MNN)–HCJB World Radio has a four-person team on the ground at the site of central Ecuador’s erupting Mount Tungurahua.

They distributed relief supplies, medical help and spiritual encouragement to those affected by the volcano that began spewing lava and toxic gases on Friday, July 14.

Since then, government scientists have been keeping a vigil on the waking giant. At last count Tuesday, teams counted 24 explosive cycle. Over all, there have been 50, large to moderate events.

The volcanic eruption forced the evacuation of over five thousand people with a chimney of ash and a series of explosions. The team is still assessing the need to return with a mobile medical clinic.

As they work, they continue to share the Gospel in a way the displaced can understand. Their aim is that people respond to the hope of Christ, be transformed, and then impact their neighborhoods and nations.

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