Living Water International celebrates a milestone

By July 19, 2006

USA (MNN) — A ministry that provides clean safe drinking water around the world in Jesus’ name, is celebrating a couple of milestones.

President of Living Water International Jerry Wiles says, “We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary and in fact we have a celebration event on November the 3rd and then the next day we have a little reunion of all the people that have been on mission trips and been through our training programs.”

However, Wiles says that’s not all they’re celebrating. “We’ve just, a couple of weeks ago, went over 3,000 water projects that we’ve completed now and serving just over 5-million people getting clean safe drinking water in the name of Jesus. Of course they’re getting a witness of the Gospel as well as clean safe drinking water.”

While those numbers are impressive, it’s just a drop in the bucket, says Wiles. “There’s still 1.1 billion people in the world today without access to clean safe drinking water, 2.6 billion without basic sanitation.”

Because of the need, LWI is continuing with the H2O challenge. “Where individuals or groups make water their only beverage for two weeks and then they save the money they would usually spend on beverages and collect that and then contribute that toward getting clean safe drinking water.”

$1 provides one person with clean water for one-year and ultimately saving lives physically. Wiles says these are lives who need Christ. “We’re talking about the neediest people on the planet both physically and spiritually. So, it’s a very strategic, high impact opportunity when you can bring clean water along with the demonstration of the love of Christ and lead people to a relationship with Him.”

Wiles says the plan for the future isn’t only on Living Water International. “We’re doing a lot of partnership and alliances with other organizations, working with orphanages, schools and hospitals as well as other mission organizations and church groups. So, we’re anticipating that that momentum’s going to continue to build.”

For more information on H2O Challenge, click on the link below.

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