Bible literacy classes in India are penetrating hard to reach areas with the Gospel.

By December 2, 2003

India (MNN) — Hindu redicals continue to put pressure on Christians in many areas of India, but one evangelistic program is going almost unnoticed.

A leader is with Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He says literacy is the key to evangelism in some areas. “Many communities are open to learning how to read, where they’re not open to traditional evangelism methods. And so, we go into a community and ask them if people want to learn to read. And, most of the time we get a very positive response. We use Bible content primers then and we see about 40-percent of the people going through our literacy program becoming followers of Jesus Christ.”

He says it’s generally a persecution resistant approach to evangelism. He says, “The benefits from literacy have a stronger attraction than the fact that it’s Biblically based.”

He says they need financial help. “We have a demand of about 125,000 people wanting to get into the program of which we’ve only been able to accommodate 50,000 this year. We need additional funds to be able to meet the current demand.” 25-dollars can support one student for one year.

He says the church can have a huge impact on not only literacy, but also evangelism, because of the high number of people that turn to Christ.

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