Bible teaching teams make a foray through Sri Lanka and India despite persecution.

By January 13, 2004

India/Sri Lanka (MNN)–Walk Through The Bible is in India and Sri Lanka this week. Team members will be traveling through the area over the next two weeks teaching and planning for the new year.

The Christian population is under constant attacks of Buddhist majority community in different provinces of Sri Lanka, where churches have been desecrated, Holy Bibles burnt and clergy attacked by the processions led by the Buddhist monks. In spite of the rise in persecution, pray for safety and much fruit.

Pray that momentum lost because of tight finances will be regained and that at least 3,300,000 people will attend Bible courses in 2004.

Walk Thru the Bible International equips Christians from other countries with Bible teaching, tools, and training so that they may teach, train, and disciple others.

The goal is to train one “world teacher” for every population group of 50,000, in every country of the world. With a world population of six billion, that would mean a worldwide teaching faculty of 120,000 world teachers.

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