Christian resources are needed for believers in Uganda

By July 13, 2004

Uganda (MNN) — Two decades of civil war has forced many people into internment camps. The Lord’s Resistance Army is forcing children to become child soldiers, and efforts by the government to stop them have been unsuccessful. The years of violence has adversely affected Christians and their spiritual growth.

Christian Resources International’s Bryon Morgan says, “Ever since Edi Amin in the 70’s, he went through and burned basically all the substantial books in the entire country. This includes pastor’s books, school books, everything. A lot of the books and Bibles that pastors have accumulated — the LRA, as they’ve gone through the northern part of the country — they’ve pretty much burned a lot of the books and Bible that the churches and pastors had.”

Morgan says all kinds of publications are needed for pastors. Morgan says, “The pastors go beyond just theology. They are social leaders as well in that there are great social needs and health concerns in these camps where there’s poor sanitation, unclean water and inadequate shelter. So, we’re looking for a mix of both theological material as well as medical books.”

CRI is looking for a combination of gifts. “We really do need the donations of material at the same time basically money is a big bottle neck for us. It really does come down to that. We need donations to ship these materials to Uganda in order to stem the tide of the LRA influence,” says Morgan.

If the need isn’t met, Morgan says, “They just learn oral tradition, which is a mix of folk tradition and Christianity and it’s really creating a Christianity that has no fruit.”

If you’d like to help call CRI at 1-888-CRI-WORD, or go to

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