Christians are reaching out after cyclone hits India

By November 6, 2006

India (MNN) — 29 people are reported dead, and more than 28,000 homes are damaged as India deals with yet another disaster. On October 28, Cyclone Ogni hit the coast of Andhra Pradesh, which caused widespread flooding. The storm has had an impact on India Partners, an organization working in the region.

Executive Director of India Partners Brent Hample says this disaster hasn’t been receiving much press, but it’s significant. “The government of India had to evacuate tens of thousands of people from villages up and down the coastline. We’re getting emails coming in from our partners (telling us) children are dying in villages, pregnant mothers and aged widows dying in the floods.”

This situation has forced the evangelical church into action, says Hample. “The churches are acting as the relief centers. The churches are concrete; they’re solid and the only thing that can stand up to the floods and a cyclone. So, everybody in the village — both Hindu, Christian, Muslim will receive refuge in the Lord’s House.”

While this kind of catastrophe isn’t wished on anyone, Hample says God is using it. “In the hour of need,” says Hample, “these people will remember they were saved because of the church. Sometimes you can preach as much as you want, but until you really put that into action, it doesn’t really touch people’s hearts and open them up to the love of Jesus Christ.”

To date, India Partners has been able to distribute 3,000 packets of food each day in five relief camps. They hope to expand that to 15 camps, but only as funding will allow. They’re also providing clean drinking water, medicines, blankets and other relief items.

Hample is asking people to help India Partners financially, because as you do you’re helping share the eternal message of Christ in areas where Christians face persecution.

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