Christians in Nepal jailed for evangelism.

By April 29, 2005

Nepal (MNN) — While Nepal’s King is fighting communist Maoists for control, Christians are facing an increasingly difficult time in the world’s only Hindu kingdom. The attacks are coming from two fronts.

Jan Viren (vy-run) helps support Christian outreach in Nepal through their ministry called, Equip Nepal. She says a couple they support is feeling pressure from Hindu conservatives. It all started with a newspaper article with incorrect information. “The paper was calling for them to be imprisoned because they were baptizing orphans and making them change religion when really it was a young adult.”

The couple operates an orphanage for more than 70 children and a Christian school that provides education to more than 300 students. However, Viren says the Maoists have gotten in their way. “What they’ve tried to do is call a strike on any private schools opening. If they’ve tried to open they’ve been bombed. So, the children have been able to go to school now under threat of bombing.”

But, prayer is needed now because the couple is now in jail for proselytizing Hindus. Viren says, “I was expecting the man to call me after he had a meeting and he didn’t call. And, then I called the children’s home and the oldest boy answered and told me that aunty and uncle were in prison. They believe they’ve been forcing people to become Christians.”

Viren believes the couple will be released, but she has no idea when. In the mean time funding is needed to help support the couple and the children. “To support a native pastor or evangelist is $60 a month. And, to sponsor a child is $25, and that takes care of all their needs and schooling as well.”

Prayer is needed for this couple and that the school would reopen. In addition to the orphans who attend, many Hindu children also receive an education there. As these children come to Christ, it can’t help but impact their families.

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