Church resources stretched thin in Zimbabwe’s ‘cleanup’.

By July 20, 2005

Zimbabwe (MNN)–Zimbabwe continues to endure one of the country’s worst humanitarian situations since it won independence, 25 years ago.

In an effort to secure an international aid loan, President Robert Mugabe launched a brutal clean up effort.
Critics charge that the crackdown is politically motivated, designed to strengthen Mugabe’s grip on the country.

Pastor Alfas is a Bible Pathway Ministry partner. He tells us what’s happening in the region. “The government has been demolishing people’s houses, what they call ‘illegal structures’, and people’s stores. This has displaced close to one and a half million people. That also creates a humanitarian disaster.”

Called “Operation Murambatsvina,” or “drive out trash,” Alfas says the campaign left people without shelter or food.” They’re in danger because, “This is right in the middle of our winter.”

The mistreatment has pushed people to a breaking point. Alfus asks prayer for peace. Above that, he says they’re in need of more supplies.

“The church has been involved in taking care of the needy. I think the last two months, numbers have swollen.” The church is in need of food and clothes. Many people who lost their stores and homes in the ‘cleanup’ also lost all their possessions.

Explaining how their team works, Alfus says, “When people are hungry, they are really open to the Gospel. We don’t bring the help saying, ‘It is our help’, we say, ‘The Lord has enabled us to help you’.

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