Changes in government may impact adoption.

By July 20, 2005

Albania (MNN) — Disputes over the results of parliamentary elections held earlier this month are plaguing already divided Albania.

Preliminary results show the Democratic presidential candidate gained control, winning the votes over the Socialist party that had been in power. That change of leadership has Bethany Christian Services concerned. Those in power appoint the body of leadership that makes all decisions regarding referrals of children for adoption.

Bethany has worked in Albania for 14 years, helping serve the needs of children and of families wanting to adopt. They have also been involved with training nationals in social work, aiding refugees and bringing humanitarian aid to those in Albania.

There are still three sibling groups that urgently need to be adopted from Albania. This is an especially crucial need, because the children are older and will age out of the system this year, making them unable to be adopted. If you are interested in adopting a sibling group, contact Bethany as soon as possible. Click on the highlighted link to get their contact information.

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