Churches throughout Germany ‘Kick Off’ World Cup outreach

By June 20, 2006

Germany (MNN) — Millions of people from around the world are in Germany for the World Cup Football (soccer) tournament. 32 countries are represented and Christians are mobilized and reaching out through an effort they’re calling “Kick Off 2006.”

Operation Mobilization is part of the effort. Michael Walter is with OM’s team in Hamburg, one of the World Cup host cities. “We’ve done a lot of street evangelism. We working together with the local church. And, this church is screening World Cup matches. So, we invite people from the street into the church,” says Walter.

The second thing they’re doing is opening a Kick Off Cafe each morning. “Kick Off Cafes are an opportunity for young people to come in, have a coffee, and talk with our international friends from the team about the World Cup and eventually about their faith and about Jesus and about the Bible,” says Walter.

Their team also goes out to the city center screens where the World Cup games can be viewed and do street evangelism. Walter says, “Our team has been able to talk to Saudis, Tunisians, and to all kinds of different people from different countries. Many of those countries are closed countries. And, they’ve been able to share the Gospel with them and even to give them literature in their own language.”

Walter says the number of people coming to Christ is low because much of the work is with people from closed countries is ‘seed planting’ work. He says reaching out in love, as a Christian, could have a significant impact on the region. “Many of these Muslim countries they have this misguided view of Christian as their enemies. If they have a picture that Christians are nice people and high moral standard, then they go back with this image of Christians and share this with others then this could change the reputation of Christians in some of these Muslim countries.”

Hamburg is just one city where outreach is happening. OM is also working in Gelsenkirehen. A special Jesus Film has been produced to help share the story of Christ in various languages. Pray that Christians will have many opportunities to share Christ.

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