Congo elections good, but missionaries are still leery

By July 28, 2006

DR Congo (MNN) — It’s the first time in 45 years that the Democratic Republic of Congo will be holding open national elections. Violence hit the streets in Kivu Monday, but the elections are expected to be held Sunday as scheduled . More than 30 presidential candidates are running for the nation’s top job.

Grace Ministries International has work in the Congo for decades. GMI’s Sam Vinton says he’s not so much concerned about the elections, it’s what comes afterwards. “What happens to those who are not chosen? In many of these countries those who lose, their part in life seems to try to destroy the one the won. So, that is the issue that many are concerned about.”

According to a pastors in Kinshasa and Kindu, things are calm. They’re asking Christians around the world to pray for calm before and after the elections, which could take more than a week to get the results.

United Nations observers and international troops are in place to provide security.

In terms of Grace Minstries, Vinton wants this to succeed so it doesn’t interrupt their ministry. “In the Kipaka area where there’s a very strong Muslim population there, we have a hospital there. Muslims are being reached for the Lord. In the city of Kindu, we have a theological college, which is also moving ahead with the educational system in that whole area of the country. We have over 200 schools.”

Vinton says after years of civil war, personnel needs are great and with impassible roads, motorcycles are needed. “$2,500 can buy a motorcycle in the city of Bukavu. As far as going into the village at this time, as long as the roads are still the way they are, a motorcycle is still the only way you can do that.”

They’re essential for evangelism, pastoral training and for visiting their schools in the countryside. Pray that many people would respond to this modest need.

Click on the link below if you’d like to contribute to this project. In the mean time pray for the elections and for the response afterward.

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