Connecting the Great Commission Community in North America: Missio Nexus

By September 23, 2015
(Logo courtesy Missio Nexus)

(Logo courtesy Missio Nexus)

USA (MNN) — Missio Nexus is three years old.

What is it? The largest evangelical mission network in North America. It came into being as some of the largest missional churches in North America were trying to develop missions strategies that made sense in the global realities of the 21st Century.

Missio Nexus exists because the Great Commission is just too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together.

Mission leaders around the world are meeting September 24-26 at the Wyndham Resort Orlando for a summit under the theme UPWARD. Together, participants will explore the sub-themes of Complexity, Legacy, Diversity, and Adversity with those leading the charge into the future of global missions.

It’s a combination of mission agencies, churches, training centers, and a growing number of Great Commission influencers who are championing the cause of Gospel in their circles of influence. When the leaders come together, it becomes a learning community. People bounce ideas off of each other, try to figure out how to work together more efficiently, and figure where to go, what works, and what doesn’t.

The Mission Network News team will be there gathering stories, sharing them and revealing a picture of what God is doing through some of the biggest challenges the global Church body has ever faced.

This year, along with other mission leaders, we’ll be connecting with the new president of Missio Nexus, Dr. Ted Esler, who brings a combination of leadership, mission, and business experience from more than 15 years in executive roles with Pioneers USA and Pioneers Canada, both of which are longstanding agency members.

Stay tuned for more stories this week.

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