Education and nutrition provide hope for future

By April 26, 2010

Guatemala (MNN) — Approximately, 49 percent of Guatemala's population is under the age of 18, and many suffer from malnutrition.

"When children don't have the nutrition, they don't have the energy to focus for school. There are also issues with physical and mental development," said Corbey Dukes of Kids Alive International.

Kids Alive is trying to address both problems. In the town of Zapote, they constructed the Source of Hope Care Center in 2006 with the help of local church Iglesia Galilea.

The school not only provides education to children who would otherwise never have this opportunity, they also feed them breakfast and lunch to ensure proper nutrition.

With these needs taken care of, kids can focus on their future and how they will be able to contribute to society. Kids Alive also wants to begin adult education for the people of the area, to plant seeds of hope.

Ultimately, Kids Alive wants to make these people wealthy, but not with material possessions.

"These people are probably always going be materially poor, but they can be spiritually rich," Dukes said. As Kids Alive educate these individuals, they also share with them about Christ and the eternity He has prepared for them.

Recently, Kids Alive decided they wanted to do more: "We expanded in faith from 75 to 100 children, but we still have three empty classrooms."

These classrooms were part of a new school building, which can also be expanded to include another floor and reach up to 200 children in the area.

However, sponsors are needed to support these children. Sponsorship is a monthly commitment, impacting not only these children, but their families and communities.

Prayerfully consider being a sponsor to one of these children and making a lasting impact on their eternity.

Click here to begin sponsoring a child today.

Also, pray for wisdom for Kids Alive as they serve Guatemala in the best way possible. Pray they will listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all their decisions.

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