Encouraging news boosts radio ministry in Benin

By June 29, 2007

(MNN)– Bariba language partner SIM requests prayer for three technicians
preparing messages and programming for Words Of Hope's radio broadcasts in Benin. 

The Bariba tribe mostly occupies the central and the
northern part of Benin.
According to ethnologues, they form the largest group in the north. The Bariba
group constitutes one twelfth of the nation's population, and there are approximately
a half million speakers in the region.

Religion is important in Bariba tribes. The people are
mostly Muslim, with a history of Islam dating back to the Dendi traders. With those two elements, the region is a
ripe mission field waiting for cultivation.

Words Of Hope partnered with SIM to begin work there. Recently, the missionary team requested
prayer for three technicians at the Parakou UEEB Radio Studio as they prepared
for their work.

But with little outside feedback, discouragement is a real
threat to the work. However, a pastor
traveling in the north found a cluster of previously-unknown Bariba villages and reported that there were people listening
to the Gospel broadcasts in each of them. This provided much-needed motivation. Pray for the continuation of this vital Gospel radio

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