Garissa anniversary and an app for ‘JESUS’

By April 14, 2016

Kenya (MNN/The JESUS Film Project) — It’s been a year since the al-Shabaab attack on Garissa University College, where 147 people were killed. But even in the midst of such tragedy, God was working.

(Image courtesy Garissa University College)

(Image courtesy Garissa University College)

You see, one student didn’t just flee for his life that day. He ran away with the Gospel. Right before he left, the student grabbed his tablet–which had access to the “JESUS” film through an app.

While hiding out in the bush, he continued to use it to show JESUS. Eventually, he made his way to another city, still with tablet in hand.

As he reflected on what happened, he shared this perspective: “Despite how they did everything, [the terrorists], the tablet is here. Why? The simple reason: because the tablet is mobile. Anyway I find myself now, despite homeless: I think I am privileged to share, I’m privileged to share with the tablet.

“I want to say a very big ‘thank God’ first, and I want to thank all the effort that [has] been put to have this tablet because it’s really helpful. This tablet has gone a long way in affecting souls.”

The best part? Anyone can get the very same app this student has used to evangelize while on the road. Through Jesus Film Media, The JESUS Film Project shares its entire JESUS Film project library with anyone who has a smart phone or tablet. And now, the JESUS film is available in over 1,300 languages.

(Photo Courtesy The JESUS Film Project via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy The JESUS Film Project via Facebook)

Users can use the app to discover different resources based on country, language, and film name.

The films JESUS, Magdalena, and The Story of Jesus for Children can be viewed as full-length features or in segments. The series Following Jesus and Walking with Jesus, along with other short films, are also available.

To learn more about or to download Jesus Film Media, click here.


  • You seem to be mixing facts. You talk about the Garissa attack in Kenya. But the student you mention is a West African???????? Thousands of miles from Kenya????? I lived in Garissa for 3 years as a missionary and there is no city within a 100 miles of desert where this man could have walked to.
    I like how you want to promote the app but to do so my sckechy means is very questionable.

  • Ruth Kramer says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thanks for calling our attention to this. The clarification is that the student was from West Africa, but was attending Garissa University. The story also indicates that he fled, hid in the bush and eventually made his way to another city. It does not say he did so on foot. We don’t have more details on this story other than what The JESUS Film Project shared with us.

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