HIV growing in Haiti, Hopegivers are giving

By November 22, 2006

Haiti (MNN) — Hopegivers International is known for their work in India. They’re helping thousands of orphan children who are forgotten by society. But Hopegivers is also reaching out to Malawi and now, Haiti.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. It has struggled politically, economically and spiritually. Hopegivers’ Robby Brumberg says there’s another dark cloud on the horizon — HIV/AIDS. “You’ve got a population of just over 8 million, and I believe 300,000 people have HIV in Haiti now,” says Brumberg, “It’s definitely getting worse. It’s definitely spreading. And, we believe firmly that with education and with the Gospel are the best ways to combat this.”

Brumberg says they currently have 18 children in their orphanage. HIV/AIDS is affecting their work, as he shares a story of a young mother they met, “whose husband had left and she was actually dying of AIDS and she was holding her 15 day old baby. Pastor Rillio and his wife, their hearts were touched by this and they actually ended up taking this 15 day old baby.”

HIV/AIDS outreach is an area that’s on their heart, says Brumberg. “We definitely have a big heart for that here at Hopegivers and we want to see people come to know the Lord and come to realize that Jesus is the answer to all of these problems, not just HIV.”

Hopegivers is currently working with an orphanage in Haiti. Brumberg is traveling to Haiti tomorrow (Thursday) with five others to help with medical needs at their orphanage. “We’re going to try and provide as many vaccines and other basic medical supplies that we can. Even things like band-aids or antiseptics or gauze and cold medicines and things like that can make a huge difference there.”

According to Brumberg, this is just the beginning of their work in Haiti, but it’s totally dependent on God’s blessing and funding. If you’d like to help Hopegivers work in Haiti, click here.

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