India opens borders to tourists

By November 19, 2021

India (MNN) — On November 15, India opened its borders to vaccinated tourists after 18 months of closure. The Indian government hopes it will boost the economy after COVID-19 stress.

John Pudaite says Bibles For The World looks forward to traveling more freely in the country and reconnecting with partners. He has visited India since the pandemic. “But it was a trip that had just so many restrictions that have made it very difficult, very unproductive to work over there and travel around. Our work is spread over many states and every state required a fresh COVID-19 test. There were certain quarantines in different districts and villages or towns.”

Bibles for the World’s seminary in India will reopen in January, and students will be able to freely travel to get there.

Pudiate says the ministry hopes to ramp up deliveries of Bibles, New Testaments, and Gospels of John around the country as well. “So we just asked for prayer for God’s wisdom, direction, and discernment. We really seek His leading so that we can continue to equip the Christians in India with God’s word, so they can share it in their evangelistic efforts. We have certainly seen that the Holy Spirit has not been quarantined, has not been locked down through this time.”

Effect of lockdown on Christians

The lockdowns were especially hard for Christians, who had many restrictions placed on large gatherings for worship. Pudaite says COVID-19 regulations were made with an eye towards Hinduism, the majority religion. “Those of the Hindu faith, they can continue to visit their temple, because that’s a very individual activity.”

However, some positive changes came out of these restrictions. Pudaite says, “We’ve stayed in touch with our partners through a lot of Zoom calls and text messaging. It’s really pushed us to improve things, on the technological front.”



Photo courtesy of Bibles For The World on Facebook.