Lebanese and Syrian children hear the Easter story through special outreach

By March 29, 2024

Lebanon/Syria (MNN) – Israel has expanded its attacks against Hezbollah, striking targets in Syria. Meanwhile in Lebanon, at least 90,000 people have been displaced by missiles since October.

But Lebanese Christians still look forward to Easter this weekend, says Hunter Williamson of Thimar-LSESD. He says, “Whether it’s in southern Lebanon or somewhere else, the war is not going to stop Easter celebrations.”

Children received gifts at Christmas events in December 2024. Photo courtesy of Thimar-LSESD.

Thimar has hosted special Christmas events for a decade, but for the first time, the Lebanese organization has planned something similar for Easter. The organization will partner with local churches in both Lebanon and Syria to reach families in their communities.

“Thimar is going to help host Easter events at 20 churches in Lebanon, and 13 churches in Syria,” says Williamson.

The events will host over 4,000 local children in total. The children will receive chocolate and a traditional Arab dessert called maamoul. They will also receive the story of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection.

Williamson says, “These Christian resources are going to be booklets which will emphasize the resurrection story, to help children remember what Christ did for them and all of us.”

About one-third of the total population in Lebanon identifies as Christian, while in Syria, Christians are roughly six percent of the population. Thimar invites believers to pray for the churches reaching their communities this weekend, “praying that this will be an incredible opportunity for children to hear about what Christ did for them, that they’ll hear the real story of Easter,” says Williamson.

You can support future outreaches in Lebanon and Syria by donating to Thimar-LSESD.


Photos courtesy of Thimar-LSESD.

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