Ministry concerned about theological education in Africa

By April 8, 2005

Kenya (MNN) — Thousands of people in Africa are coming to Christ every month. As they do, they’re getting involved in a local church. Many of these churches are run by Christians who have little or no formal theological education. That opens doors to problems.

Christian World Outreach is concerned about that, too, says Dean Yoder. “There is a great vacuum and a need for qualified pastors and church leaders. So, we’re sending our first missionary couple to Machakos, Kenya to a little college called, Scot Theological College.”

John and Karen Bunnell will teach approximately 25 students from all over Africa. Yoder says if new leaders aren’t able to get sound Biblical instruction, cults can emerge. “People will leave other religions to become Christian, but if there’s no follow up they fall by the wayside and other people will recruit them.”

The training provided will help the church in a number of ways, says Yoder. “This will help us with our evangelism outreach so that we can direct our new converts to a church that has a leader that’s trained, knows what he’s doing, is qualified (and) is a person of integrity.”

Support for the Bunnell’s is needed. Click on the link above for contact information.

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