Mozambique’s rising extremist violence poses regional threat

By April 16, 2021

Mozambique (MNN) — An uprising in northern Mozambique threatens the entire region. Nearly one million Mozambicans face severe hunger, the United Nations reports. The crisis is largely internal right now but could spill across the borders as people seek resources.

Trans World Radio (TWR) is teaming up with humanitarian aid workers to provide practical help and Gospel hope.

“The content that we are broadcasting, particularly in this area stuck with disaster, speaks to the heart to give hope; directing people specifically to Jesus Christ as a source of living water,” TWR’s Sphiwe* says.

(Photo courtesy of TWR)

Better yet, hope is taking root. Sphiwe quotes the following response TWR received from a Mozambican in one of the troubled regions:

“When we want to give up, someone speaks about God to us, and that keeps us going despite these difficulties.”

As described here, terrorists wreaking havoc in northern Mozambique call themselves al-Shabaab, but there’s no known connection to Somalia’s militants. These extremists drove more than a half-million people from their homes last year, while attacks in late March uprooted another 17,297 people.

“In addition to the regular disasters that come, natural disasters, we are currently faced with the insurgents up in the north, in the Cabo Delgado region,” Sphiwe says.

There’s no end to the crisis in sight. Sphiwe requests prayer in four ways: “We pray for resources to continue airing the program. We pray for protection for the people on the ground,” she begins.

“We pray the program can reach the hearts of people that have suffered, but also the perpetrators of the difficulties.”

Last but certainly not least, “pray for the organizations and donations that are coming to answer physical needs of these people,” Sphiwe requests.

Help send radios to Mozambique here through TWR.


* Name withheld for security purposes.



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