New course disciples radio listeners in Bulgaria

By July 5, 2004

Bulgaria (TWR/MNN)–When the Gospel came to Bulgaria, people responded with a growing wave of enthusiasm.

An increasing number of spiritual inquiries and requests for Bible study materials prompted Trans World Radio in Bulgaria to meet that critical need.

The team is complementing on-air scriptural teaching with newly launched discipleship correspondence courses.

Listeners are eager to know more about the Christian faith, especially new believers, and are writing in for practical help on how to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

To help develop these courses, TWR-Bulgaria is teaming with Source of Light Ministries, a well-known and longstanding Bible correspondence outreach.

Bulgaria’s Studio 865 reports that three new prayer groups of six to 10 people each have sprung up in response to the Balkan Romany radio programs.

The producer visits each group twice a month to teach them more about the Bible; the rest of the time, they receive spiritual sustenance from the radio programs.

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