New outreach begins in Paraguay.

By September 26, 2005

Paraguay (MNN)–In Paraguay, religion serves as the glue in society that is only exceeded by kinship relations.

Many areas have already been exposed to the Gospel message, although with other faiths held in traditional abeyance, Christianity has not grown as it could.

That’s why word of a new ministry that has taken hold is exciting. Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhofer tells us how it got started. “Two years ago, Audio Scripture Ministries received a request from a missionary in Paraguay for some Tape-Talk players to assist them in reaching some isolated areas, way out in the country, and we were happy to supply the players for them.”

One person who took a Tape-Talk player rode a motorcycle. With his mobility, he was able to spread the Scripture in audio to many rural villages in Paraguay.

Through his dedication, Dudenhofer says, the church growth has been phenomenal. “From that outreach alone, 20 churches have begun in one year. The missionaries are following up on all these decisions to trust Christ, by helping place national pastors in all of these churches.”

There are plans in the works to furnish more Tape-Talk players into the region. ASM hopes to distribute players to missionaries, mission organizations and national ministries.

The unit itself is designed for hand power (crank), solar and/or external battery power. It’s plastic construction is very sturdy, and has proven itself in the field.

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