One woman experiences the liberation of Christ and seeks to share that with others.

By April 25, 2006

Ghana (MNN) — As a young girl of only 10 years old, “Esther” was taken out of school and made a trokosi slave in an idol shrine in Ghana, West Africa. She suffered in bondage as a “wife of the gods” for eight years before being liberated.

After Esther was liberated, God worked to bring healing and transformation in her life through the work of Every Child Ministries. ECM’s Lorella Rouster says this former slave is now ministering in others’ lives. “When people see her, they know immediately that she was a shrine slave, and yet they know that she’s now proclaiming Christ. So that has a tremendous impact.”

Every Child helped Esther complete her high school education and get informal Bible training. Rouster says she’s putting that training to good use. “She’s now a deaconess in her local church; she’s been a Sunday school teacher. She’s led her parents to Christ who were idols worshippers and now she is on staff with Every Child Ministries and she is helping other slaves as a counselor and a Bible teacher.”

Every Child Ministries works to free child slaves. If you’d like to help them financially in this work, contact them through their information listed below.

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