Opening Ceremonies signal start of athlete ministry

By February 12, 2010

Canada (MNN) — The Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia begin today. They not only signify the start of intense competition among the world's best athletes, but also a unique opportunity to share Christ.

Athletes in Action, a sister ministry of the Jesus Film Project and a part of Campus Crusade for Christ, will be using the Olympics to do just that.

"We'll be part of a contingent of chaplains that will be working with the athletes. We'll be working with various community ministries for those that are coming to Vancouver to watch the games," said Tim Pitcher of Athletes in Action.

For athletes and spectators alike, the chaplains will distribute a "Struggles and Triumphs" DVD.

"It features six different athletes talking about … the struggles they went through as well as the triumphs," Pitcher said. "And of course, the DVD has the 'JESUS' film on it; it's translated into 20 to 30 different languages."

With the number of countries represented, Athletes in Action may have the opportunity to share Christ with individuals who have never heard the Gospel.

"Whenever you bring in athletes from around the globe, there are always great opportunities to get connections with people from closed countries, from open countries, and people that need to hear the Gospel. So we just really try to take advantage of that," said Pitcher.

Athletes in Action will be involved both in seed planting and discipleship, as they also encourage athletes who do know Christ. An excellent tool for hearing the testimonies of some of these athletes and for reaching out to non-Christian family and friends interested in sports, is

Check out the site today. Pitcher says don't hesitate to post it on your Facebook or pass the link on to Christian and non-Christian acquaintances.

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