Pastors in Hurricane zone are tired, but they’re still reaching out

By September 13, 2005

USA (MNN) — It’s called Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church. It’s not in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s in the heart of the disaster zone of Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi. The church itself has lost most of its shingles. Damage can be detected. But, it’s now the focal point of relief for the community.

Pastor Lee J. Adams, Jr. is the leader of this congregation that is now using its sanctuary to organize food, water, clothing, medicine and other relief items as many people in this community have lost everything.

International Aid discovered that this church wanted to reach out to the community, and now they’re assisting with all kinds of relief. Adams is incredibly thankful for everyone who’s helping them. “We have the blessings of the good Lord. People from all over this country and probably from some foreign countries (are) expressing their love and care for the people in this city and especially in this community. Why God has chosen to bless us so much, I have no idea.”

Adams says if groups like International Aid weren’t helping, this relief effort wouldn’t be possible. “Where would we get the things we need for the people who are hurting. If you ride up and down the streets of this community you will see that we are a lower income community and these people are hurting and these are people that get forgotten.”

Loretta Miller is a member of the church and volunteering her time to help. She was singing as she organized the relief items in the sanctuary. “God is so good and nothing is impossible for God to do and, if I (am) sad and say, ‘We can’t do it!’ I’m limiting God and I refuse to limit God.” Miller says she’s been able to talk to people who would have never otherwise stepped into a church.

According to Adams, the assistance that International Aid is providing is allowing them to minister. “It causes us, first of all, to have fellowship with those who don’t know the Lord. In order to get something, they have to come.” That’s when they are able to share their faith.

Adams says he’s tired. He’s struggling and needs prayer. Pray for the hundreds of pastors that are reaching out in Jesus’ Name. Pray that they won’t get discouraged and they will use every opportunity they have to share Christ.

Food and water distribution continues, but hurricane disaster relief is now phasing into clean-up and reconstruction. If you’d like to help International Aid continue in this effort, click on the link above.

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