Peace keeping efforts in Ivory Coast have an impact on Bible teachers.

By April 7, 2004

Ivory Coast (MNN)–The first UN peacekeepers are in Ivory Coast, after an anti-government protest sparked deadly violence a little over a week ago.

The government was urged to take immediate steps to revive a peace process under severe strain after deadly violence involving government forces, militias and opposition supporters.

Although the conflict was declared over last year, rebels still control the north while much of a peace plan remains to be implemented.

Unrest continues to flare throughout the country, the instability creating a difficult situation for citizens trying to get back to a ‘normal’ life.

In terms of price, the war has cost the Ivory Coast in terms of human life, dignity and future. That adds a heavy burden to the already struggling economy.

For New Tribes Mission’s Stanton Donmoyer, their biggest loss came when the fighting interrupted their Bible teaching programs. “It has taken two years away from working with the people. Where we do have some churches established with new believers, there’s not been able to be a very active discipling ministry carried on while our folks have been out of the country.”

Donmoyer says they were forced to evacuate their teams when things got hot in 2002. However, the peace efforts are good news.

“There are moves towards getting the peace established and stability to come back to the region. But, we believe things are stable enough that our folks can return to the country, though there are areas where they will not be able to return.”

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