Radio broadcasts reach Gypsies with the love of Christ.

By June 23, 2006

Albania (MNN) — Gypsies. They are the outcasts of Europe, looked down upon nearly everywhere they go.

But the Roma people are hearing about the love of Christ through radio broadcasts, and Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says their expanding programs are meeting with growing response in the Balkan-Romani language. “For many years we’ve been producing programs through Trans World Radio in Bulgaria, and in the past few years we’ve added one, and now recently a second station in Albania.”

In hearing that Jesus loves them, that God has a place in His kingdom for even the gypsies, that speaks powerfully to a people who are often looked down upon. DeYoung says, “This group of people, the Gypsies, the Roma people, who have experienced a lot of discrimination and rejection in many of the countries where they are — there’s no place really where they’re in the majority; they’re a minority in lots of different countries. But they are proving to be among the most responsive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Words of Hope is encouraged by the response to their programs in Bulgaria, and DeYoung says, “They’ve borne fruit even in the planting of a number of churches that started through listeners who began inviting more and more people to their homes to listen, and that formed the nucleus of a church. And some of them are well-established and have even created daughter churches.”

DeYoung hopes to see this fruit spread further than just Bulgaria and Albania. “There are some who hope that Europe itself can be re-evangelized through the witness of people like these who on one level are often looked down upon, but who are responding with intense interest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The Roma programs are featured in the evenings every day, and DeYoung says, “We’re grateful for the privilege of reaching out to them through radio broadcasts over TWR and now through local FM stations in Albania as well.”

Pray for ongoing response of the Roma people, and pray for those ministering to them. Pray that the Roma turning to Christ will spark a revival in all of Europe.

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  • Samuel Raj says:

    Dear loving Sir,
    I am Pastor Samuel Raj, from India and working among the Gypsy tribal in and around Hyderabad, I need a old Projector and a old laptop to show Jesus Movie and if possible a small vehicle to carry some people to their place and carry the luggage. May the God of Almighty Bless your ministry Abundantly – Amen.
    God bless,
    Pastor Samuel Raj.

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